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Angel's Intuition - Liz Borino (book review) *contains spoilers*

Book: Angel's Intuition
Author: Liz Borino
Genre: Romance, War
Published By: Ninestar Press
Published Year: 2018

My Review:
Having received a copy of Angel's Intuition in return for an honest review from Netgalley I was excited to see what this book was going to turn out. With war books not being my usual style of book I was apprehensive before reading this however with liking romance books I felt this was going to be a very hit or miss book for me. Luckily, this book surprised me and was more enjoyable than I was expecting.

The book is told from two people's perspective and the couple of the story, Jordan and Aaron. When Jordan goes to do his final deployment in Afghanistan and goes missing the army think of him dead and don't go looking for him. However, Aaron feels that he is still alive and doesn't give up hope of finding his husband! When they do get reunited they realise there is a mole within the US Army but will they be able to prove it?

I found that having both the narrative by both Jordan and Aaron as something which helped give the book a greater understanding. This is because when Jordan gets captured and is in prison the reader is able to find out what is happening to him and also understand what Aaron is going through thinking he has lost his husband. Having the main characters within Angel's Intuition as gay I thought made this different to other books of it's kind and made me smile as they got past challenges that both of their jobs put in front of them because of it. Showing how Jordan also never gives up on his moral code even when it goes against his bosses rules was good as it showed he would rather be in trouble than deny who he is, which comes in very useful. I thought that the character of Hart was a good villain as he seems like he is helping Aaron and is trying to get a romantic connection however is the one that got Jordan captured, works as a triple agent and tries to kill Angel (Aaron). The writing by Liz Borino within Angel's Intuition was easy to read and made me not want to put the book down which wasn't something I was expecting.

However, I did think that some of the romance scenes were a bit much and didn't need to go into as much detail as it did especially as it isn't an erotica novel. This did make me feel  a little uncomfortable at times as I wasn't expecting it to be as in your face as it ended up. With Jordan getting to his house as ill as he was left me a little confused as with a broken ankle in several places and having pneumonia I thought was just a little too unbelievable to me especially when he was getting worse when he was in Afghanistan a few days prior.  The only other thing in which I didn't like was the constant jumping between the past and the present which I felt didn't give off the effect it was meant to.

Overall, Angel's Intuition was a very easy to read book and the romance between the character's were very well done and had a lot of hope and passion. I would recommend this to people who are looking for an LGBT romance as well as people who are wanting a war book to read. I can't wait to read more of the Liz Borino in the future.

My Rating: 4/5 


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